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Puppy Pre-School and Private In-Home Training

nancy and pupsAt Net's Puppy Training we give your puppy the greatest capacity to learn, thrive, and establish a peaceful, happy temperament that will last a lifetime.
We offer compassionate quality care for Hawaii’s dog families.
We strongly believe that providing an abundance of early training opportunities for our clients allows them to prevent or manage the most common behavioral problems such as house soiling, excessive barking, biting, chewing, and separation anxiety.

Much like pre-school keikis, puppies go through developmental stages and windows of optimum learning opportunities. These stages happen very early in a pup’s life and the first one starts at 3-4 weeks of age. (Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks but the science of dog behavior has proven that early training will optimize and influence your pup’s overall development and help to shape its temperament, especially when you begin training during a pup’s first 24 weeks.)

Because NET's Puppy Training takes place individually and privately, you will be making the most of your time and your puppy’s learning potential. By working at home, there are no group training restrictions usually imposed by monthly vaccination and veterinarian's scheduling. And by starting early and safely with our trainers, you are given the tools and knowledge and an ongoing “helping hand” with your puppy raising duties. This makes your pup’s overall experience better with family, strangers, vets, and groomers.

At NET's Puppy Training we understand the importance of creating a warm, inviting, and playful setting for your puppy in its first learning environment, your home. This allows them to focus on learning the basics of living with their human family and ensures that learning becomes a positive experience for the whole family.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy, make your first call to NET's Puppy Training!

Seven week-old Labradoodle puppies, Hachiko and Teddy, obey commands on their first week of puppy pre-school! See more videos on our video page.


NET"s is certified by CPDT and APDT